Get Health Insurance For College Students

Insurance For College Students

The tuition arrangements are set up; the dorm room is assigned and your son or daughter is headed off to college in the fall. In all of the confusion of the paperwork, deadlines and financial arrangements did you remember to check on their health insurance?


Health Insurance For College Students


Many, but not all, insurance companies provide for health insurance for college students under a family policy; do you know for sure that yours does?

With some insurance companies, coverage depends on whether or not the student is a full time student. Review your policy or ask your insurance administrator; if you have an HMO plan, will your
student be covered if they go to the student healthcare facility away from home?

Check the age limit as well; you may find that once your son or daughter reaches a certain age they are dropped from the policy no matter what.

Ask your insurance company to provide an extra insurance card for your son or daughter to carry with them; if there is an additional card for prescription medications; make sure they have that too.

This preventative step will help eliminate confusion when they suddenly have to see a doctor.

There are student health care plans that are available through most colleges that are a reasonably priced alternative if your policy excludes your child.

Isn’t college confusing enough without having to worry about whether your child is covered should he or she need to seek medical attention? Take the time to look into health insurance before they head off to college in the fall.

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